Vin & Yin Yoga

Class Name: Vin and Yin Yoga Class

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Vin & Yin Yoga

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Vin + Yin will be a 75 minute yoga class divided into two parts. We will start with 45 minutes of a power vinyasa flow which will incorporate some traditional yoga postures leading to opening and strengthening. The Vinyasa portion of the class will be led through breath and movement. You will find your edge and strength through breathing into the postures and flowing from one posture to the next.

The Vinyasa portion will be followed by 30 minutes of Yin yoga which will incorporate slow moving and passive stretching. This will include anything form forward folding to finding opening in hips and hamstrings, low back and shoulders. These stretches will be held for longer periods of time, once again using your breath to help to find length and release into those tight muscles.

The combination of the Power Vinyasa with Yin yoga should leave you feeling invigorated and strong, but loose and flexible. This will be the perfect way to end your night; a savasana into the sunset!

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