Group Training

Class Name: Strength/Regeneration

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Strength / Regeneration

Scheduled Time: Thursday at 7:15 AM (moving to Saturdays at 10AM starting on Oct 27th)

Strength/Regeneration class provides you an experience with the benefits of strength training, max effort interval training and the regeneration of mobility work. The class blends dynamic strength training with a restorative practice of increasing range of motion and injury prevention.

Each class will begin with a dynamic warm up followed by 25-30min of High Intensity Resistance Training and finish with 20-25 min of Mobility and soft tissue work. The class is designed to challenge the body and leave you feeling ready to attack life.

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If you are interested in this class, you can get an unlimited class membership on a monthly basis for $35, or you can sign up for one class at a time. Follow the links below.

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