Hangar Strong

Class Name: Hangar Strong | High-Intensity Group Training

Hangar Strong |Strongman | HIIT Training

Hangar Strong

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Hangar Strong is a Co-Ed, high intensity, circuit style training class. The workout is based around functional movement patterns at a competitive yet manageable and safe pace. Some examples of the exercises are Prowler sled pushes, sled pulls, sled drags, farmers carries, kettle bell work and many more. This total body workout will be both mentally and physically challenging but conducted in an Uplifting and positive environment.

UpLift Training is located at Bowman Field which is a private and exclusive regional airport. Watch private jets take off and land as you push yourself to the max. Classes will take place both inside and outside the hangar. Meet your instructor in the main parking lot of LEA and convoy down to the hangar. Please bring water/drink of choice and a towel.

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