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We offer Fitness & Yoga services since 1996

I've never been to a personal trainer before, what happens when I get started with you?

We start with a 90 min initial consultation. This gives us time to sit down and get to know each other better. In this consultation we discuss health history, exercise history, current nutrition habits and set goals. Next is the initial assessment where we gather baseline data- weight, circumference measurements, body fat % and take before pictures. Finally, we take you through an assessment workout where we assess your body and movement patterns during each exercise. From this functional movement screen and workout we can gather critical information about your body. Strengths/weaknesses, discrepancies, endurance level etc. All tools that help us tailor a program specific to your body's needs that will help you achieve your goals. If we decide it's a good fit for us both, we get started!

Do you recommend that I work out a certain number of days a week to get "results" that are noticeable?

Yes. Depending on your goals, your health and your exercise history, we determine an optimum training frequency for you. If your body hasn't suffered any injury, you don't live with pain and you have aggressive goals, we are going to recommend something different than someone who has never worked out before and is generally nervous/intimidated about the whole idea. (Take you for example- We would encourage more training days with scheduled active rest/recovery days so that you were still able to train more often, but not over train and under-recover. Your body would feel good even though it was training more frequently. You will be able to sustain the desired intensity which would allow you to reach your goals faster! We do recommend committing 3 months to achieve the results you want. It may take less, but the real results show up after 3 months of consistent effort.

I like to work out early in the morning, can I get in there? Are trainers/coaches available at that time of day, like 5AM?

Absolutely! And you'll probably have the place to yourself! Not having to wait for equipment at a gym is a huge benefit! Your personal access code will allow you access to the facility 24/7. ULT is located in a private airport = federal property so it's patrolled & safe at any hour! There are coaches available at 5am if you chose to train at that time!

Do I have to sign a contract for a set period of time?

All memberships require a 3 month commitment. This is to hold you accountable to your goals. You want X results, give yourself 3 months to achieve them. Anything less would be robbing yourself of the success that lies at the end of 12 weeks. After that your membership is month to month.

How are payments made?

All membership dues are drawn on the 1st of every month. If you begin training after the 1st of the month, your dues for your first month are pro-rated. We accept all credit cards, bank draft, check or cash.

Is there any special equipment required that I need to buy?

Nope. Just bring yourself, wear shoes comfortable to exercise in and clothes you don't mind sweating in.

Tell me more about the massage program, what are the hours? How much does it cost? Who is doing the massages?

Our massage therapist, Emily Petty, is the best in the area. All members receive 25% off all massage services! For more information on her you can visit her website here.

I need a lot of prodding and encouragement, how do you all do this? Do you call me?

If that's what you need, yes! Most people need some additional guidance outside the gym. You aren't in this alone. That is why we offer 30 minute nutrition consults to make sure your nutrition is on point and consistent with your training and lifestyle goals. We follow up with most of our clients a few times a week at a minimum. After you leave our session together and are on your own, we are still there to support you. We tend to offer a great deal of nutrition guidance via consults and when our clients are away from the gym. We have many clients who will send us the menu to the restaurant they're at and ask what to order. Some will give us a list of restaurants they frequent and we will provide them top 3 ULT approved- good/better/best options. UpLift Training has our own Pinterest page where we Pin ULT approved recipes, our coaches send their favorite recipes, we exchange photos of meals with our clients and hold them accountable to their goals. The most efficient way to to do this is to schedule your nutrition consult with your coach and discuss what level of nutrition/training advice and follow up you will need. We offer encouragement and often a full on game plan if we know they have an event to prepare for or situation that they feel will be challenging. We prepare workouts for our clients who travel so they are equipped and confident when they're on the road. Part of getting to know our members so well helps us to hold them accountable in a way they need and they'll respond to!

I want to look good in a bathing suit, do you have a specific program for this?

We create a specific program for you that will allow you to feel better, look better, sleep better, think more clearly, have more energy and yes, look good in your birthday suit! I mean bathing suit ;)

I like working out with other people instead of by myself, what do you have that gets me that?

UpLift offers various fun team options that allow you to work out with other people! If you have someone you enjoy training with, we have a private training option for the 2 of you. If you like making new friends and meeting people with similar goals as you, we offer semi private training options that allow you to train in small groups (up to 4) at varied times throughout the week. We also have an exciting and inspiring group training class! It is a Strongman/boot camp style class done in an indoor/outdoor industrial airplane hangar environment! Hangar Strong is held on Saturday's at 10 am and it is a blast! Bring a friend or 2 and have a ball in this challenging and team based environment. There is no other class like it in the city!